Appendix C Demonstration model

Explanations of the processes captured by the WQ Module are described in the Appendices that follow. A demonstration model has been constructed to generate data to support these explanations via different interactive means. This model is referred to as the demonstration model. It has the following features, unless specified otherwise:

  • General
    • 1 week (168 hours) duration
    • Includes salinity, temperature (and heat calculations), sediment and varying numbers of water quality computed variables
    • Hourly output
  • Geometry
    • Single two-dimensional flat bottomed cell
    • Lateral cell dimensions of 1 metre \(\times\) 1 metre
    • Depth of 0.5 metres
  • Boundary conditions
    • No inflows, outflows or other flow boundaries
    • Meteorological boundaries applied
      • Hourly timestep
      • Corresponding twenty four row record repeated for each day
      • Wind turned off, unless noted otherwise
      • Constant air temperature, varied to match simulation needs
      • Typical shortwave, longwave radiation and relative humidity
  • Initial conditions
    • Varied to match simulation needs
  • Water quality parameterisation
    • Varied to match simulation needs

Additional model details are described in each Appendix where required.